User Registration Form in MEAN Stack Using Angular 6 - Front End - CodAffection
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15 thoughts on “User Registration Form in MEAN Stack Using Angular 6 – Front End”

  1. It Works for me!!!But when I Enter and hit sign up button, it shows ‘Something went wrong.Please contact admin.’ message..Please solve this man!!

  2. Clearly follow yours tutorial but after running it only shows signup heading without any text boxes,button…nothing Appears!!!

  3. the screen i saw when running is only blue background. Cant see the Text fields. Like the routing not working at all

  4. Hi there,

    I followed each step in this tutorial and the previous one, and was planning on moving on to the next parts, but nothing happens when I click sign up in my form. Any thoughts??

    Thanks a lot!

  5. Thanks a lot sir for the tutorial, courage with angular6.
    Please can you make a tutorial with angular and node that
    sends emails to a users email.? Pleeeaaase!!!

  6. Thanks a lot Shamseer for your Latest MEAN Stack Registration Video Series at Youtube. I really learned a lot and using it for my project. I would like to request you a bit more if possible. My requests below :

    1. User gets and email after registration with an activation link. He has to click the link within 24 hours then his information will be saved in to database for future login purpose.

    2. A Login module (backend and frontend both). After login, a user will be redirected to a normal page/view.

    If possible please continue this series as per my request. More reward will be there for sure :) .. Thanks a lot and take care.


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